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Phase One


  • Café Area (glass panels, floor, walls, lighting, display screen)

  • 1st Floor Bathrooms (Men and Women)

  • Paint building front exterior and patch voids & cracks

  • Fellowship Hall A (floor, walls, technology, doors, curtains, etc.)

  • Fellowship Hall B (convert to Food Pantry - cooling equipment. shelving, etc.)

  • Street Sign (2nd church entrance)

  • Landscaping Phase 1 - Sign area and tress on Wilson Ave.

  • Install chairlift for access to the 2nd Floor

  • Power distribution system overhaul (fusebox, breaker panel, wiring, etc.)

  • Other (Declutter, paint hallway, Wall Décor, Sanctuary A/C unit & handrail)

Phase Two


  • Re-pave parking lot and make parking spaces slightly larger

  • Install new, brighter, more efficient lighting system in sanctuary

  • Computer lab (equipment, furniture, etc)

  • Pastor's Office (flooring, walls, furniture, closet, shelving, misc.)

Phase Three


  • Sanctuary carpet and pulpit refresh

  • 2nd Floor Bathrooms (Men and Women)

  • Classrooms 3, 4, 5, 6 (A/C & floors)

  • Nursery (LCD screen, walls, furniture, flooring, etc.)

  • Landscaping Phase 2, 3 & 4 (pkg. lot, gazebo, front triangles, rear)

  • Construct a large shed at the end of the property for storage

  • Flooring for misc. areas, all shipping, flooring supplies, etc.

  • Boiler replacement

  • Other (hallways decoration, filing system, storage bins, etc.)

Dreams to Reality Web Banner_edited.png


Please complete the form below.

  • Select Your Tier:  The amount selected is based on an annual(one year) contribution.

  • Commitment Type: You are able to select how you commit your contribution. Since your contribution is annual and the Dreams to Reality project has a 3-year duration, we hope that you would contribute for each of the 3 years. To do this, please select "All 3-years" below.

  • Contribute As A Couple: Couples can give together as one giving unit, can pledge that way by choosing "Couple".

  • Pledges should be made by December 22nd, 2023.

  • How/When To Pay: Please begin paying on your pledge in January 2024.

    • Your pledge is displayed as annual and weekly amounts, but you don’t have to pay it weekly, you can pay in whatever interval works for you.

    • You can pay in-person with your offering envelopes when you come to church or

    • Online here at MBC Dreams To Reality webpage or Giving page

  • Tier Select: Please choose the tier that you are committing to support.


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