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Memorial Scholarship

Memorial Scholarship


Instructions for Letters of Recommendations / Transcripts:


I. Gather information for the parties who will submit materials on your behalf

  1. Applicants will need the names and email addresses of individuals providing recommendations on your behalf.

  2. Applicants will need the email address for high school and/or college or university office(s) from which to secure a pdf of official transcript(s).


II. Submit your requests for letters of recommendation/transcripts

  1. Copy & paste:  and email the link with your request to the individuals and/or institutions above.

  2. The link you provide will open an online form. The individuals and/or institutions should complete the form and upload the applicable letter and/or transcript and submit to Macedonia Baptist Church..

  3. An acknowledgement of each submission will be provided by Macedonia Baptist Church to the third party and to the applicant.

Note: Questions and/or problems with submissions should be directed to:

Choose the scholarship(s) you're applying for

Thanks for submitting!

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