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Scholarship Application

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I have reviewed the application and verified that all information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand and agree with the conditions herein, I, the undersigned, hereby grant permission to the Macedonia Baptist Church Scholarship Fund Committee to publish personal biographical information submitted in conjunction with annual reports filed, newspaper articles published and/or photographs taken that may be added to the Macedonia Baptist Church website or published in literature.

Section 1 of Your Application Has Been Submitted!

Please move to the next page to submitted supplemental documents.​

Instructions for Section 2:


Letters of Recommendations / Transcripts:


I. Gather information for the parties who will submit materials on your behalf

  1. Applicants will need the names and email addresses of individuals providing recommendations on your behalf.

  2. Applicants will need the email address for high school and/or college or university office(s) from which to secure a pdf of official transcript(s).


II. Submit your requests for letters of recommendation/transcripts

  1. Copy, paste, and email the link with your request to the individuals and/or institutions.

  2. The link you provide will open an online form. The individuals and/or institutions should complete the form upload the applicable letter and/or transcript and submit it to Macedonia Baptist Church.

  3. An acknowledgment of each submission will be provided by Macedonia Baptist Church to the third party.

Note: Questions and/or problems with submissions should be directed to:

Essay Instructions:

Larry & Jasán Ward Scholar-Athlete Award Essay 

To demonstrate your creativity please describe in any format that you choose how this scholarship will help you to achieve your college goals. Feel free to be as creative as possible, for example through music, dance, video or power-point, poetry, etc.

HBCU Scholarship Essay 

1. Why is it important for you to attend and graduate from an HBCU institution (please be specific)?

2. Who is your most admired leader that graduated from an HBCU institution and why (please be specific)?

Dr. Joseph E. Bowman Scholarship Essay


1. Why are you interested in pursuing a major in the STEM area?

    (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, STEM). Please be specific.

2. How do you see yourself making an impact in this area of study in the future? Please be specific.

Bakari Lake-Sample Memorial Educational Scholarship Essay 

1. How do you plan to help your community with your dream and vision? Please be specific.

2. Describe ultimate goal or dream, and how you plan to achieve it? Please be specific.

3. Describe a hero in your life? How has this hero affected your life? Please be specific.

Deacon Joseph Pedlar Memorial Award Essay 

1. Describe how you would demonstrate the qualities of Deacon Pedlar if you are selected as the award recipient.

    (i.e. community service, faith, overcoming adversity, leadership)

2. How will this award help you to further your goals?

Macedonia Merit Scholarship Award Essay 

  1. What is the most important lesson(s) you have learned from and why? Please describe in detail.

  2. What is the greatest obstacle you have overcome and why? Please describe in detail.

  3. What is your personal philosophy of life?

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