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Activities Request

Please complete the request form below for your event or activity.

The request will be submitted to the Director of Operations and Office Manager for review and approval. Specific space may be requested; however, it is at the church's discretion which space(s) is available and best suited for the requested purpose and size of the group. The Office Manager will advise the contact person whether their request has been approved.

Please provide a minimum of 30 days' notice but no more than 45 days unless requesting weddings or conferences (or other large events).


No plans or commitments should be made until approval is given.

This event/program request is for
Are you the ministry leader or liaison?

About Your Event/Program

What is the frequency of the event/progam?
Select which ministries you will be requesting assistance from for the sanctuary:
Will you need a registration option
Is there a cost for your event?

About Your Event/Program Set-Up

Is your event virtual, in-person, or hybrid?
Meeting room/area & other items reservation:
Room Setup Style (Below depicts the different type of room Set-up please select one that apply)
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About Your Tech/Communication Needs

Select your target audience (chooseall that apply)

Your Event/Program Budget

Have you reviewed this event budget with your Trustee liaison?

Thanks for submitting! Please allow 48 hours for a response to your request.

Please be reminded to get in touch with the ministries from which you are requesting support AFTER you've received your approval e-mail.

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