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Bible School


July 1st-5th | Drop-Off: 8:15am | Pick-Up: 4:15pm

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Vacation Bible School is free! To keep the costs of VBS low, and to welcome as many children as possible, all parents are required to volunteer either one full day or two half days during the week. 


Note: A family member over the age of 18 may volunteer in place of the parent

  • Full Day: 8 am - 4:15 pm

  • Half Day: 8 am - 12:15 pm or 12:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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VBS Waiver

I, PARENT/GUARDIAN OF CHILD ATTENDEE(S), being the parent/legal guardian and having legal custody of PARENT/GUARDIAN OF ATTENDEE(S), a minor, do hereby consent to said child participating in activities and related trips of Macedonia Baptist Church of Albany, NY.


I do hereby release, discharge, and exonerate Macedonia Baptist Church, and all persons acting as staff or volunteers on said activities and trips from any liability whatsoever resulting from personal injury to said minor or damage to property of said minor which may occur at said activities or trips or connection therewith.


I do hereby certify that I assume full responsibility and liability for any acts committed by said minor during activities, and trips related thereto resulting in injury or damage to the property of another.


I do hereby acknowledge that I understand that this release is being relied upon by Macedonia Baptist Church of Albany, NY, and counselors or volunteers accompanying the children on said trips and activities; and without this instrument being executed by me, said minor would not be permitted to attend field trips nor engage in activities related to it.


I do hereby authorize the officials of Macedonia Baptist Church to contact directly the person named in this authorization and do authorize, the hospital available or a physician to render such treatment as may be deemed necessary in an emergency, for the health of said child.


In the event physicians, other persons named in the authorization, or parents cannot be contacted, the church officials are hereby authorized to take whatever action is deemed necessary in their judgment, for the health of the aforesaid child. I will not hold Macedonia financially responsible for the child's emergency care and/or transportation.

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